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Summer Holiday Schedule

July 15th, 2015

beach photo

During the summer holiday we have following adjustment to the regular schedules:

Discovery Bay

  • From Saturday 18 July to 15 August closure and no competition from 1.30pm-3pm
  • Note: on 18 July & 25 July the morning classes at 10am-11am and 11am-12nn are still held

Sheung Wan

  • 1 August – 16 August full closure


Start of new season 17 August – all lessons and competition resume from then!!!

New National Titles for Caissa students: Miguel Angel claims his 2nd in a row!

July 7th, 2015

HKCF 1st National Rapid 2015 held at the very disitinctive Po Kok Primary School


After the very successful participation in the National Blitz last week Saturday, which resulted in 4 National Champion titles for our club (!!!), the official 1st National Rapid (25 minutes per person) held by HKCF last Sunday was equally successful for our Caissa players.

In the U8 category our Caissa kids Nathan, Noah and Mahir gradually warmed up towards the end of the event. Especially Mahir with 3.5 points in only his 2nd tournament impressed a lot in this strongest players field of Hong Kong.


Noah looks with great interest at Nathan's game

Noah looks with great interest at Nathan’s game and him pressing the clock …


On 2nd place came Allen Pang Bo with very strong 6 points but Bao Jinwen, our U7 world school champion 2015, scored 7 straight wins and became 1st National Rapid Champion U8. Well done boys! Good warming up also for the Dutch Open 3-8 August in which Jinwen will participate in the Caissa team.


Bao Jinwen Hong Kong U8 Rapid Champion 2015

Jinwen Hong Kong U8 Rapid Champion 2015 with Caissa and HKCF President David Garceran Nieuwenburg


2nd Prize for Allen Pang Bo with Principal of Po Kok School

2nd Prize for Allen Pang Bo with Principal of Po Kok School

U8 Rapid 2015 HKCF


In  the U10 age category we had 6 players participating among which the recently crowned National U10 Blitz Champion 2015 Miguel Angel and National Best Blitz Girl Mei Jing…

Starting with Vivaan though, he did not get into his rhythm in this event, tired as he was from a very long activity the previous day – but he stayed bravely until the end. No worries Vivaan, your time of scoring points will come soon!

Mei Jing lost her last game which cost her her second Best Girl title which went to Caissa’s Anika with 4 points. Congratulations Anika!


Anika and Mei Jing - competitors and best chess friends!

Anika and Mei Jing – competitors and best chess friends!


Harold, also with 4 points, ended 10th, exactly in the middle of the group and Aaditya with a strong 5.5 points ended 4th and just out of reach of a prize like last week with the Blitz. Don’t forget, 3rd time lucky, Aaditya.

But it was Caissa’s Champion in U10, Miguel Angel, who played a magnificent tournament and won the tournament, on tie-break against Cai Yang, a strong player from China, and his second title in row. Well done Miguel, you are among a select group grossing National titles like this!


Miguel Angel and Cai Yang shaking hands before their game

Miguel Angel and Cai Yang shaking hands before their game

Anika Best Girl U10 HKCF 1st National Rapid 2015

Anika Best Girl U10 HKCF 1st National Rapid 2015

Miguel Angel Champion U10 HKCF 1st National Rapid 2015

Miguel Angel National Champion U10 HKCF 1st National Rapid 2015

U10 Rapid 2015 HKCF

Miguel Angel, Mei Jing and Harold will also join the Dutch Open 3-8 August. Exciting!


In U12 age category we had 5 Caissa kids participating. Charles and Hilary, with 2 and 3 points respectively, can look back positively at their result among the strongest of Hong Kong. This was only their second tournament, their first being a year ago, and in this group tournament practice is really an advantage.

Oliver with 4 points and last week’s National Blitz Champion Richard with 4.5 points ended 6th and 4th respectively. Very good results.


Richard with white

Richard ready for the last round against Kannammai


But this time James, who had to miss last week’s Blitz, was the best player in this age group and was deservedly crowned National Rapid Champion with 6.5 points. Bravo Champ!


HKCF 1st National Rapid Champion U12  James Kwong

HKCF 1st National Rapid Champion U12 James Kwong

U12 HKCF Rapid 2015


With Richard and James also joining the Dutch Open 3-8 August there is going to be firework on the boards in all age categories in unsuspecting Holland! Ssssssst.

In the U14, U16 and U18 we had no Caissa players but we had the usual suspects in the Open section.

Tejpal warned up well towards the end and ended with 3 points. James with 3.5 points ended 14th. Koji scored 4 points ending 12th and David, who started strong, until the after lunch dip, ended 9th also with 4 points. No prizes, but we had great fun.


Koji watching James' and David's games

Koji watching James’ and David’s games

Open HKCF Rapid 2015


Cross-Strait Four Regions Nanao Cup in Shenzhen 27-29 July – join us!

July 1st, 2015

In October 2014 Caissa members ventured into Shenzhen and came back with prizes and loads of experience.

Also in 2013 in Shenzhen we brought some prizes back to Hong Kong from the Cross Strait Four Region Nanao Cup of that year. This year’s edition of the Nanao Cup is scheduled to take place on 27-29 July. Tournaments in China are very useful for our players to experience a distinctly different chess style of the Chinese players, young and old. Shenzhen is only 1 hour away and if you have time on 27-29 July, do consider to join!


Shenzhen, the most vibrant city in South China and home to thousands of chess players

Shenzhen, the most vibrant city in South China and home to thousands of chess players

Following information comes from the Hong Kong Chess Federation site:

Hosted by the Chinese Chess Association (CCA – 中国国际象棋协会), the Shenzhen Huateng Chess Club and the Shenzhen New Territory Nanao Office will be organizing their yearly Cross-Strait tournament inviting players from China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to join.

Location: Shenzhen

Fee: 200RMB (250HKD)

Hotel: Nanao East hotel, 280RMB per night for a standard room.

Date and Schedule: 27-29 July 2015, 9 rounds total:

Open Group & U12:
-27 July: Round 1: 9:00-11:00, Round 2: 13:00-15:00, Round 3: 15:30-17:30
-28 July: Round 4: 9:00-11:00, Round 5: 13:00-15:00, Round 6: 15:30-17:30,
Round 7: 19:00-21:00
-29 July Round 8: 9:00-11:00, Round 9: 13:00-15:00.

Prize Ceremony 15:30

U10 and Below:
-27 July: Round 1: 10:00-11:30, Round 2: 14:00-15:30, Round 3: 16:00-17:30
-28 July: Round 4: 10:00-11:30, Round 5: 14:00-15:30, Round 6: 16:00-17:30
-29 July: Round 7: 8:30-10:00, Round 8: 10:00-12:00, Round 9: 13:30–15:00.

Prize Ceremony: 15:30

Rounds & Time Limits
– Total 9 rounds according to Swiss pairing format.
– Open and U12: 60 minutes per person per game.
– U10 and below: 45 minutes per person per game.

Age Categories: in total there are 11 groups – a Youth Section with 5 age categories for both Boys and Girls and an Open section (males and females mixed) as follows:

– Open: born before 31 Dec 2002
– U12: born on 1st Jan 2003 to 31 Dec 2004
– U10: born on 1st Jan 2005 to 31 Dec 2006
– U8: born on 1st Jan 2007 to 31 Dec 2007
– U7: born on 1st Jan 2008 to 31Dec 2008
– U6: born on 1st Jan 2009 or thereafter

If you are interested to join send an email with (1) Name, (2) Date of Birth and (3) Gender by 15 july. Payment of 200RMB (250HKD) and hotel to be done at the venue.

See also following links for further detailed information in English 2015 Nanao Cup or Chinese 2015年两岸四地国际象棋公开赛规程.

National Blitz Championship 2015: four National Champions from Caissa

June 28th, 2015

HKCF National Blitz 2015

The Hong Kong Chess Federation 1st National Blitz Championship was an important event in various ways. It would, for the first time in decades, hand out formal National Champion titles and as such formal entitlement to represent Hong Kong in international events. Also, the event was FIDE rated and along the youth age categories there was this time also an Open section for adults.

And the event was a great success for Caissa players, young and old! We already alluded to the fact that some of our players were smoking hot on our chess party yesterday, such that prizes would seriously expected to be within reach, the actual results were better than we could expect.


NA Sydney Lai gives instructions

NA Sydney Lai gives instructions to the youth section


In U8 we only had 2 Caissa students, Seth and Mahir. Mahir, among the youngest in this age group, played his first tournament and scored 3 points but gained lots of experience which is the only goal in your first tournament. Seth, whose strength lies in longer chess games, with 6 points out of 11 had a good tournament in a 3 minutes + 2 seconds time control.

Congratulations to the top 3, Steven, Zeth and Samach who all played in one of the Caissa YGP events and scored well there too. Here are all results of U8.

In U10 we had our hot shot students Samuel, Kevin, Meijing, Aaditya and Miguel Angel lined up with Caissa member Harold.

Miguel Angel proved to be strongest player in this age group: congratulations Champ! Aaditya ended 4th just one place out of a prize. Meijing became Girl Champion – there was unfortunately only one girl. We are very proud of all our students who scored many points. Also congrats to our long time chess friends Adrian and Gerent with their 2nd and 3rd place.

U10 Blitz 2015 HKCF


Miguel Angel National Blitz Champion U10!

Miguel Angel National Blitz Champion U10!

Mei Jing U10 Champion Girl 2015

Mei Jing U10 Champion Girl 2015


In U12 our  Caissa gunners were Jay, Richard and Oliver. Jay has had very limited practice in 3 minutes + 2 seconds but still managed to score 4 points.

Although in the direct confrontation Oliver beat Richard, it was Richard who managed to stay on top after 11 rounds impressively defeating all other top 6 players. Oliver just fell out of prizes on 4th place and big congrats to Richard with his National Champion title.

U12 Blitz 2015 HKCF

Richard Champion U12

Richard National Blitz Champion U12


All other players were pooled in the Open group. From Caissa we had Tejpal, Koji, Conrad, Melvin and Long participating.

Tejpal just (re)started chess recently and this tournament is for him to oil his engine. The 3.5 points scored is not bad after a very long time hiatus. Koji and Conrad managed to score 5 points, just short of 50% ending solidly in the middle range.

The U16 and other age categories higher than U12 were pooled in the Open and Melvin with 5.5 points ended 6th place overall but that score brought him the title of National Champion U16. Well done Melvin, we are proud of you!

In Open, Long, our 2 times in a row Caissa champion in our Friday evening cycles, ended 2nd place and was the only person to draw against the new National Champion Daniel. Well done Long! And congratulations to our friend Daniel too.

Open Blitz 2015 HKCF

Melvin U16 National Blitz Champion

Melvin U16 National Blitz Champion

Long Open National Blitz Runner Up

Long Open National Blitz Runner Up

Prize Giving Ceremony / Party to Celebrate end of Spring Cycle Series

June 26th, 2015

Caissa Hong Kong Spring Open 2015

Yesterday we concluded the last prize winning ceremony of this season by handing out the prizes to the winners of the Spring Open, held on Friday evenings.

All players of the Friday Autumn, Winter and Spring events were invited to join the prize giving and enjoy some snacks, including famous Dutch fingerfood, authentic from the only Dutch restaurant (Orange Tree) in town. Of course, this was a good moment also to play some blitz chess in preparation for the next day’s National Blitz Championships.


Social Blitz with ...

Social Blitz with Dutch snacks in the foreground


In this Spring Cycle we had Matthew Tan joining, but he would not play for any prize. However, it was great to have an IM playing with us and analyzing with his opponents where they went wrong … and as a thank you we found it appropriate to give him an Honorary Champion prize.


Readying for the Prize Ceremony

The Prize Winners

The Prize Winners

Matthew receives his prize form David will Tejpal manages to bring his son Mahir back ... Mahir is hungry now and surely we'll see more from him without any need to hold him back!

Matthew receives his prize from David while Tejpal manages to bring his son Mahir back … Mahir is hungry now and surely we’ll see more from him without any need to hold him back!


Long You managed to prolong his Winter Champion title and was a convincing Champion of the Spring Open. Congrats Long!

Henry and Melvin tied for 2nd and 3rd place but Henry won the tie-break. Well done to both and glad to see Melvin seems very ready for the Open Dutch where he will be playing in the Caissa shirt in the U16 category.


Matthew hands out Champion Prize to Long You

Matthew hands out Champion Prize to Long You

Henry receives 2nd Prize from Matthew

Henry receives 2nd Prize from Matthew

Melvin gets 3rd Prize from Matthew

Melvin gets 3rd Prize from Matthew


After the prize ceremony we finished the 7 rounds blitz. It was finally won by Matthew, followed by James (great result James!) and Long. Tomorrow will be the National Championships in which Long, Richard, David, Melvin, Miguel, Tejpal, Koji and Mei Jing all will participate. Judging from today’s play we truly expect to have some serious title contenders among this Caissa group…


Final Ranking Social Blitz

Final Ranking Social Blitz


Rectification – James and Miguel Angel win YGP3 in U12 and U10 and are overall 2014-15 YGP Winners in Their Age Groups

June 22nd, 2015

In 2014-15 we introduced the Youth Grand Prix to Hong Kong: a series of 3 tournaments standard chess (90 minutes per person, 7 rounds), 2 Blitz and 1 Rapid event. In each event grand prix points could be won by ending in the top 5 of the player’s age category.

Yesterday Sunday was the last round of the Spring YGP 3 and also the last round of the entire cycle that spanned some 10 months!

As in YGP 3 we had no U14 player we added a 3rd prize to the U12 and U10 age categories and because we had 4 U8 players we also added a Champion prize for that age group.

In the U12 category James could only be overtaken by Oliver if James would lose from Anika and Oliver would beat Miguel. The latter happened when Oliver, with only some 3 minutes left on the clock, surprised Miguel Angel with a checkmate in a complicated rook/bishop (Oliver) vs rook/knight and pawns end game. However, James did not lose from Anika in a rook endgame with 2 extra pawns and as such James became champion in the U12 group, followed by Oliver 2nd and Richard, who had to forfeit 2 games in earlier rounds, on the 3rd place.

In U10 age group, Miguel Angel, despite his loss against Oliver, stayed on top to be champion. Because of a BYE input mistake for Anika in round 4, Miguel Angel was followed by 2nd place Ulysses, who beat Harsh, and 3rd Harold, who with several pieces less miraculously managed to check mate Zeth. However, after correction and adding 0.5 points to Anika in round 4, it turned out that Anika ended number 2 and Ulysses number 3. Apologies for the mistake – and Anika will get her trophy and prize money soonest.

Zeth still remained the best performing player, and thus Champion of U8.

Congratulations to all prize winners!!!


Zeth Champion U8 with coach Matthew Tan

Zeth Champion U8 with coach Matthew Tan

Prize Winners YGP3 with coach Matthew (left to right): Harold, James, Miguel Angel, Zeth, Richard, Ulysses and Oliver – we are missing Anika who won 2nd prize in U10


Caissa HK Spring YGP Cross Table End Ranking after Round 7

Top players in each age category U14, U12 and U10 would be fully sponsored, including return flight, lodging, additional training etc., to join the Dutch Youth Open 2015. Prerequisite was that players would play minimal 3 YGP events and as such unfortunately we have no U14 winner.

The final YGP ranking after 6 events shows a strong winner in Miguel Angel in U10 and James in U12. We wish our YGP champions, and of course our other players who will join the Dutch Youth Open 2015, good luck, success and fun from 3-8 August. We will be reporting from there!


YGP 2014-15 Final Ranking

YGP 2014-15 Final Ranking

James and Miguel Angel lead their age groups after Round 6 in YGP 3

June 17th, 2015

In last Sunday’s round 6 James consolidated his 0.5 points lead by winning against Aaditya. He is also a full point ahead of Oliver, the number 2 in his group U12.

Miguel’s hard -fought win against Harsh kept him also a full point ahead of the numbers 2, 3 and 4, Andy, Anika and Aaditya, all with 3.5 points in the U10 age category.


Harsh vs. Harsh, the last game ...

Harsh (white) vs. Miguel Angel in a long and the last game …


Coming Sunday will be the last match in the YGP cycle and we will hand out the prizes to the winners of the Spring YGP3 and we will announce the overall YGP winners in the the age categories U12 and U10 who will get a fully funded trip to the Dutch Open!

Below the pairing for round 7 and the ranking after 6 rounds.

Pairing Round 7 Caissa YGP 3

Ranking after 6 rounds YGP 3 Caissa

Matthew Tan wins Spring Blitz with 11 out of 11

June 16th, 2015

Good news. The Hong Hong Chess Federation is increasingly staging events never held before.

To start with, last week the Spring Rapid 2015, a rapid FIDE rated tournament of 9 rounds held over 3 evenings, ended with bang for Daniel Lam who won the event with a score of 9 points. Congrats Daniel!

Then, last Monday HKCF held the Spring Blitz 2015, also FIDE rated, attracted 36 players. The speed of 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment is something that requires serious practice and our local heroes have not had the chance to play such a tournament in Hong Kong.

In the top 5 we only find Lo Cheuk Wai as known Hong Kong player among an international audience. Thierry Henkinet is the new kid on the block and seems a good addition to the HKG federation. Alexander, on a stop-over from Shanghai, collected medal for 3rd prize. Long, winner of our Caissa Winter and Spring editions, hopefully will change his federation from Germany to Hong Kong soon! To be in this top 5 is not easy.


Top 5

Top 5


The undisputed winner of the event was Caissa’s Matthew Tan, from Holland, with a monster score of 11 wins. We hope he will have fond memories of the medal he won because it was the first FIDE rated Open Blitz event organized by HKCF – he made history!


Matthew receives 1st prize medal from arbiter KK

Matthew Tan receives 1st prize medal from arbiter KK Chan


Of course, this spring blitz event was a prelude of what is to come and our local heroes have time to practice more in the coming weeks.

Because … HKCF is going a step further by organizing first-time-ever National Championships, FIDE rated, in Blitz and Rapid on 27 June and 5 July respectively. These events are for all age youth groups and Open (yeah, finally also something for adults!).

Hope to see you all there!

Team of 3 wins first choice of Candy

June 7th, 2015

Saturday we played a small team tournament instead of internal competition in DB. The board 1 players in each team played against one another, the board 2 players against each and so for each board.


Prize/Candy Table

Prize/Candy Table


The winning team would gain the honor to go first to the candy table to select their preferred candies, the 2nd ranked team would go second and so on.

Despite having 1 player less, team A ended first, team B powered by girls and the brothers Noah and Nathan ended 2nd, team D ended 3rd and team C was 4th.

Team A: 7.5 points

  1. Miguel Angel
  2. Chor Wei
  3. Christopher

Team B: 6.5 points

  1. Mei Jing
  2. Samira
  3. Noah
  4. Nathan

Team C: 4.5 points

  1. Vincent
  2. Suneh
  3. Maximillian
  4. Leonard

Team D: 6 points

  1. Bryant
  2. Jay
  3. Seth
  4. Kian


Team B Mei Jing, Samira, Noah, Nathan against Team C Vincent, Suneh, Max, Leonard

Team A Miguel Angel against team D Bryant

Team A Miguel Angel, Chor Wei, Chris against team D Bryant, Jay, Seth, Kian

Nathan is very pleased having achieved an amazing stalemate against Kian

Nathan (with white) is very pleased having achieved an amazing stalemate against Kian

Updated (5 June) – YGP3 has 6 Players with 3 points after 4 rounds

June 4th, 2015

Differences are minimal in the top half of the YGP cycle. Just like in the YGP1 and YGP2 editions, there surely won’t be a walk-over for any player and we need to sit tight until the final round to see what will eventually happen.

Such tight competition makes this tournament one of the most worthwhile events for our youth as it is also the only event in Hong Kong for youth with regular/standard time control of 90 minutes.

The ranking after 4 rounds here below:

Cross Table Rank after Round 5

Cross Table Rank after Round 5


Below the pairing of round 5:

Pairing Round 5 Caissa Hong Kong YGP 3



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