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Hong Kong Chess Open Finals 2012 Round 7: Top 4 Share 5 points

April 24th, 2012

Round 7 of the Hong Kong Open Finals organized by the Hong Kong Chess Federation was an exciting round with three main outcomes:

  • The draw between Bryan and Arthas resulted in both having 5 points now;
  • Another loss of Alberto, who seemed invincible in the prelims, helped Andrew to comfortably settle in the top group of 5 pointers as well;
  • David GN won to secure his first win against Chak Man who chose for a dubious sacrifice against the Sokolsky.

Of course black’s 14th move was a mistake but also 14. … Qe7 would not have prevented a move like 15. Nd4 when 15. … Rd8 or Nf4 would not be sufficient.

Ranking for now: