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Asian Nations Cup 2012 Hong Kong Team Selection

May 4th, 2012

The winner of the Asian Nations Cup, held from 17-26 May 2012 in Zao Zhuang, China PRC, will represent Asia on the World Team Championship in 2013. The stakes are high and the following team to represent Hong Kong has been selected by the Hong Kong Chess Federation (HKFC):

  • Cyrus Lai (HKCF)
  • Sunny Lo (HKCF)
  • Hysan Wong(HKCF)
  • Adrian Cronan (HKCF)
  • David Garceran Nieuwenburg (HKCF & Caissa)

We wish them good luck in their daunting task in a tournament with a rather high density of GMs, IMs and other talents per square meter … stay tuned …

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