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Hong Kong Team Scores a Point Against Indonesia in Round 2 Asian Nations Cup 2012

May 18th, 2012

In the second round against Indonesia it went a little better.

Asian Nations Cup 2012 Round 2 Hong Kong - Indonesia

Hysan’s early loss on board 4 did not take away the steam from the other three games.

Cyrus on board 1 faced GM Megaranto, Indonesia’s current number 1. Cyrus locked in his white bishop via e6, which turned out to be enough positional advantage for the grand master to convert in a win.

Sunny on board 2 played an aggressive line in the Aljechin opening against FM Hamdani. Sunny sacrificed a pawn for attack and he might have had some chances to further pursue adventures near black’s king, if he only had more time.

On board 3 the game between David and CM Muhammad let to a Philidor Defense in which black’s pressure on the queen side made the candidate master do some inaccuracies which led to a rook win by David. With both players less than a minute on the clock left, it was white who lost his cool and maneuvered himself in a checkmate position.

The honor is saved – now let’s see if we can get something more tomorrow in round 3 against South Korea.

Asian Nations Cup 2012 Rank after Round 2


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