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Hong Kong Youth in Prizes in 1st ASEAN Chess

August 12th, 2012

After the full 9 rounds in an excellent organized tournament in Singapore our Hong Kong representatives did not get back empty handed.

In the final ranking in category Under 14 Wong Yee Chit got 3rd prize with 6.5 points. An excellent result, also for Jeffrey Lam Ting Hei who did not lose in the last 4 rounds to secure the prize for 8th place.

In the final ranking in category Under 11 Benjamin Oh Yau Teng scored 1 point in the last 3 rounds to claim 43rd place with 4 points, but no prize.

In the final ranking in category Under 8, finally, James Kwong Wing Ki scored 3 full points in the last 3 rounds. Round 9 unfortunately saw our 2 Hong Kong boys James paired against Miguel Angel Garceran Wang, both with 5 points.

Miguel Angel Garceran Wang and James Kwong Wing Ki Prepare for Round 9 in 1st ASEAN Chess

James’ win secured him the prize for 7th place with six points and Miguel Angel ended 17th, out of the prize zone. Harold Kwong Wing Shun scored some points in the last few rounds to end with 3 points on 39th place.

Well done Hong Kong!


Hong Kong Youth doing well in 1st ASEAN in Singapore

August 10th, 2012

From 6-12 August Singapore hosts the first ASEAN International Youth Chess Championships which attracted about 200 youth players from around 16 different countries.

The participants from Hong Kong are:

Category Under 14: Wong Yee Chit, with a FIDE rating of 1803 is serious contender and his 3rd place after 6 rounds with 4.5 points proves this point.

Wong Yee Chit, Hong Kong Participant U14 in 1st ASEAN Chess in Singapore


In the same category Under 14 Jeffrey Lam Ting Hei is in 16nd position with 2.5 points.

Jeffrey Lam Ting Hei Hong Kong Participant U14 in 1st ASEAN Chess in Singapore


In the category Under 11 Benjamin Oh Yau Teng is the only player to defend Hong Kong and with 3 out of 6 he is decently placed 37th out of 72 participants.

Benjamin Oh Yau Teng Hong Kong Participant U14 in 1st ASEAN Chess in Singapore


In the category Under 8 Hong Kong has three participants: the brothers Harold Kwong Wing Shun and James Kwong Wing Ki and our Caissa Club’s own Miguel-Angel Garceran Wang.


left to right: Harold, James and Miguel Angel in 1st ASEAN chess in Singapore


Harold, who is at least a year or 2 younger than the average of this group scored 1 out of 6 but in experience points he is collecting a lot more.

James started off very well with 3 wins in a row, but stayed on this score after 6 rounds, on 19th place.

Miguel Angel collected 4 wins after 6 rounds and ranks 12th. Miguel Angel’s 4th win was an interesting Philidor exchange with a very daring check mate plan.


Good luck to all our Hong Kong boys tomorrow and Sunday for the last 3 rounds. Below the ranking in the group Under 8 in a cross table after 6 rounds:


1st ASEAN Chess Championship Singapore Under 8 Ranking after 6 Rounds


August Program

August 2nd, 2012

Last June and July, the first two months of the club, our youth played various kinds of chess, including blitz, rapid, transfer while casually learning a thing or two: play for the center, develop the pieces, castle and such …

In August (except 9 August when the club will be closed due to international tournament) we will prepare for the competition that starts in September and play more seriously with clock and writing down the moves.

Also in August the club will be open to adults from 7.30pm until 9.30pm  for casual play in preparation of September when the adult competition will start as well. In September we aim to stay open until 10.30pm to allow for games of 90 mins per player.