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Round 1 Youth Competition 2012-13

September 7th, 2012

After having warmed up since June, finally the first Thursday of September had arrived … to start the competition.

We had a special evening because the Discovery College squad to participate in the Quarry Bay ESF organized chess tournament had joined for their chess practice.

Full House Round 1 Caissa Chess Club Hong Kong Youth Tournament

Max smiling as Miguel and Krijn (foreground) and the two Aryans (background) meet on the board

Round 1 was fireworks all over the place. Etienne had just a lonely king but Connor did not know how to move his pieces into a check mate plan and because of repeat of moves this game resulted in a draw. Something similar happened with Bryant and Chor Wei, when Bryant won on time but with only a king left, without check mate potential, the game ended in a draw. After the game Chor Wei was explained how to give check mate with two rooks (extra) and next time a situation like this will definitely result in a win.

Aleesha, who preferred to stand and was a bit far from the clock … lost on time against Lucas and because Meijing lost against Jonathan it was Manon who saved the girls’ honor by winning from Julien who tried out chess for the first time. Well done Manon, but also very good effort from Julien – keep it up!

Despite a good fight Jay could not hold Wilson and Krijn could not stop Miguel Angel from winning. Max lost a bravely played game against Aryan Shetty and Aryan Jain beat Ginu in a tough game.

Finally Ruaidhri beat Vaibhav and Mees scored a point against Franz.

Ranking after Round 1


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