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Round 2 Youth Competition 2012-13

September 14th, 2012

In the second round on Thursday 13 September Miguel Angel played the white pieces aggressively up into last rows of black territory to gain the full point against Wilson. Manon won her second game as well, with black against Lucas. Because Mees also won his second game, with black against Etienne, after 2 rounds we have three players with a full 100% win score.

Bryant scored a win after last week’s draw by defeating Jonathan and through his win against Aryna Jain, Connor moves up into the top 5 as well with 1.5 points. The game of Aryan Shetty and Chor Wei ended in a draw by Chor Wei allowing position of stalemate.

Jay had a convincing win against Mei Jing, as was the case with Franz’ win against Aleesha and Vaibhav’s win against Ginu.

Julien got his first point against Ting Ting she had to, unfortunately, leave sooner.

Rank after Round Two Youth 2012-13 Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club

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