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Round 3 Youth Competition 2012-13

October 19th, 2012

On 18 October we played the 3rd round of our youth competition. Jay played with white against Lucas. Their game became the longest game of the evening with the victory eventually going to Jay.

Connor had a tough night against Ruaidhri and had to give in after the middle game. Mei Jing, in a rather equal position, lost on time against Chor Wei and Mees could not stop Miguel-Angel’s attack. Franz stayed very focused and Julien could not escape his grip.

Max played very well against our new member Sophie to claim the full point through a ‘chain checkmate’, but Sophie’s play showed clear hints of this young lady’s capabilities to fast track on the learning curve of positional chess.

Ask Naper played solidly and patiently against another new member, Mikael. Despite Mikael’s loss, he proved to be a fearless fighter and with some patience his play could develop into an attractive attacking style.

Aiden against Kaiden, again two new members, played an interesting game in which Kaiden attacked to such a degree that Aiden’s position was broken, but there was not enough material anymore to take advantage of that and Aiden cleverly turned the game into a win using the extra material Kaiden had sacrificed for his ferocious attack.

The rank after 3 rounds:

Rank after Round Three Youth 2012-13 Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club

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