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Mei Jing Shared 1st Place and Champion of Girls Under 6

November 18th, 2012

In the capable hands of Alberto Muniz, Sydney Lai, Christopher Masters and Joe Lau, the Active Kids Novices tournament last Sunday 18 November (players would have roughly played less than 3 tournaments) was a smooth ride from participant perspective – that is not an easy feat with over 80 young players who are often still figuring out on the board what tournament play is about!

Caissa was represented by our girls Aleesha and Mei Jing in the age category Under 6.

Mei Jing Ready for her First Game








Aleesha Ready for Her First Game

Jay and Regis played in the age category P1-P3.

Jay - Extra Motivated after Last Week's Friendly Against ISF

Regis - Completely Relaxed in his First Tournament

In the age category P4-P6 we had Chor Wei giving it another try in his 3rd tournament after Quarry Bay School tournament and the friendly against ISF.

Chor Wei Calm behind the Black Pieces

The tournament was played over 6 rounds. In the age category P4-P6 Chor Wei got off well with 2.5 points out of 3 but then had to admit 2 loses before winning the last game. With 3.5 points Chor Wei ended strong on 6th place out of 20 players in this age category.

In the P1-P3 age category Jay also started well with a win, but then lost 3 times in a row before winning again. With Jay gradually slowing down his speed of doing his moves, big improvements are expected in the near future. For now Jay ended with 2 points on 25th place out of 39 players.

In the same category Regis scored 3.5 points which is a score well above what is expected for a first tournament. Regis can be proud of his 14th place and his playing style shows hints of a lot more to expect in the near future.

In the Under 6 age category Aleesha showed considerable improvement compared to the Quarry Bay School tournament by scoring 2 points through a win and 2 draws.

In the same age category Mei Jing was very motivated. A couple of her games were the last to end.

Mei Jing Playing until the Final Moments to Squeeze out another Win

With such a mindset deservedly Mei Jing progressed to a shared first place where based on tie-break points she ended second of her age group and became Girl Champion.

Well done Mei Jing: Caissa is proud to have another champion among its members!

Happy Mei Jing Receiving the Girl Champion Cup from Sydney (left) and Alberto (right)


The Prize Winners


One comment on “Mei Jing Shared 1st Place and Champion of Girls Under 6

  1. Collin on said:

    Well done Mei Jing. I am so proud of you. Keep it up.

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