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Olympiad U16 Tough for Hong Kong team

July 30th, 2013

The Olympiad U16 (21-30 July) in Chongqing, Mainland China, is a mixture of some 30 official country teams of 4 players and at least as many local chess clubs. Great to see so many chess clubs interested in participating and it surely hints towards China being serious about developing international chess. On the other hand, that many clubs mixed with national teams moves the event somewhat away from a true inter-land competition.

The organization though, keeps track of the country teams in a separate list and our Hong Kong delegation after round 10 ranks 30st out of 32 official country teams.

No doubt our players Luke, Michael, Saloni, Ryan and Pak Shing gave it their all and the experience to participate in a world championship event is to be cherished for the rest of their lives.


Board Results after Round 10 World Youth Chess Olympics U16 2013

Board Results after Round 10 World Youth Chess Olympiad U16 2013


To participate on a World Champion level tournament, of course, is something to be nervous about and definitely our players would be more comfortable a next time, having gained this valuable experience now – especially so for some of our players who participated while being several years below 16 years of age.

To better support our players in the future it could help if the HKCF would invite players, based on their performance e.g., in qualifying tournaments (like how HKCF does with the Olympiad for adults), to defend Hong Kong in official tournaments. Upon accepting the invitation, players would be formally trained and prepped, say, for at least 3 months before the event.

Such an arrangement requires some funding or sponsorship. Caissa would volunteer to organize sponsorship for such a set-up (of transparant qualification and selection), which would include travel/lodging of the selected players to international events (not only players would go who can afford to bear the travel costs) and training.

This has been suggested to HKCF and awaiting a response.

IGM Efstratios Grivas comes to Hong Kong 20-24 September

July 22nd, 2013


We are pleased to announce that Caissa Chess Club Hong Kong was able to invite International GM Efstratios Grivas, FIDE Official and a decorated player, trainer, coach, and author, to visit Hong Kong to hold a 3-day FIDE Trainer Seminar on 20-22 September and to give lectures on 23-24 September.

The FIDE Trainer Seminar, endorsed by both the Asian Chess Federation and the Hong Kong Chess Federation, will help to improve the quality of training in Hong Kong by growing the number of FIDE certified chess trainers to more than the current handful right now. Certified and licenced FIDE trainers are registered with FIDE with transparancy and formal acknowledgement around their teaching level.

The Seminar is also open to overseas guest and has been announced on the FIDE website.


Efstratios Grivas with FIDE World Champion Viswanathan Anand

Efstratios Grivas with FIDE World Champion Viswanathan Anand

Spin-off from Tournament: Latest CIS Rating Hong Kong Youth and Two games of Tournament Winner Eugene Livensky

July 18th, 2013

Caissa’s Summer Rapid last weekend was FIDE CiS rated and the results were processed by FIDE.

We can see that several players slowly have consolidated to their real rating level with small up/downwards movements and from here need to work on getting their baseline up. Some other player have clearly shown their  starting point did not reflect their true strength: Harold and Tommy even improved in triple digits!


Hong Kong CiS Rating on 15 July 2013

Hong Kong CiS Rating on 15 July 2013


Eugene Livensky, the Champion, was able to recover some of his chess games and the below two are quite interesting.




Rapid Tournament Concludes Caissa 1st Year Anniversary Festival

July 14th, 2013

After Alexander Ipatov’s visit in June and Collin Madhavan’s full-house clinics in July, Caissa Chess Club Hong Kong wrapped up her first year anniversary chess festivities with a concluding Summer Rapid tournament yesterday.


Prize Table Caissa Summer Rapid


The event attracted international players as well as local Hong Kong players, young and old, experienced and starters. For all 24 youth players from Hong Kong the event was FIDE CiS rated (a first-timer in Hong Kong!) and, also with FIDE Arbiter Collin Madhavan strengthening the organization, the tournament went as smooth as we could hope for with such a unique diverse group.


FA Collin Madhavan quickly going through the rFIDE ules of Rapid

FA Collin Madhavan quickly going through the FIDE Rules of Rapid


Delegatin from Shenzhen with 5 youth players

Delegation from Shenzhen with 5 youth players


Left to right: Eugene, Umberto and Stuart from Shenzhen with their chess buddies Billy and Cyril.

Left to right: Eugene, Umberto and Stuart from Shenzhen with their chess buddies Billy and Cyril.


In the Open Group Hong Kong’s Andrew (8 points) stayed closest to the winner Eugene (UKR) (8.5 points) who had come in from Shenzhen with his two friends Stuart and Umberto.

The third place was taken by Caissa’s own Hannah (6.5 points) who could definitely claim the most exciting win of the tournament with a checkmate with only 1 second on the clock. Well done Hannah!


1 minute on the clock - Hannah wins with white ...

1 second on the clock – Hannah wins with white …



Prize Winners Open Group in between David and Bee Shan: Hannah, Eugene, and Andrew

Prize Winners Open Group  standing in between Organizers David and Bee Shan: Hannah, Eugene, and Andrew


In the P4-P6 youth group we saw some powerful play from Shenzhen youth. Both Jiatong and Xingzhe scored an impressive 6 points which resulted in their respective 1st and 2nd places. Third place was claimed by Hong Kong’s James Kwong with 5.5 points.


Players in Action

Players in Action


Prize Winners P4-P6 category: (left to right) James, Xinzhe and Jiatong together with David and Mr. Liu and Ms. Li who accompanied the Shenzhen youth.

Prize Winners P4-P6 category: (left to right) James, Jiatong and Xingzhe together with Mr. Liu and Ms. Li who accompanied the Shenzhen youth.


In the P1-P3 category our 3 local Hong Kong boys claimed all prizes with Caissa’s Gerent (5 points) and Caissa’s Miguel Angel (4.5 points) getting 1st and 3rd prize respectively and Harold (5 points) receiving second prize.


David and Collin behind (left to right) Gerent, Harold and Miguel Angel.

David and Collin behind (left to right) Champion Gerent, Harold and Miguel Angel.


The tournament, as official end-of-season celebration, was also the stage to put Caissa’s top performing members in the well deserved spotlight.

In the Intermediate Group the 1st Prize was won by Bryant and the 2nd Prize by Max. Both are promoted to the Advanced Group. In the Beginners Group Saga won 1st Prize. James, who won 2nd Prize was abroad and will receive his trophy at opening of the 13-14 season.


Bryant (left) and Max (right) receive 1st and 2nd Prize respectively

Bryant (left) and Max (right) receive 1st and 2nd Prize respectively


Saga receives her Champion of Beginners Group Prize

Saga receives her Champion of Beginners Group Prize


Finally, the 5 prizes (a digital DGT chess clock, a chess board with pieces and several chess books) of the trivia questions showed Aravind was the most knowledgeable being the only participant to get a 100% score.

Eugene, champion of the tournament, forfeited his prize in favor of giving a youth player the chance to get a prize. Eugene, congratulations: you were the undisputed Champion today.

All results and ranking can be found here: cross table caissa summer rapid 13 july 2013.

Photos are posted on Around DB Magazine.

CM Collin Madhavan’s Chess Clinic in Chai Wan and Discovery Bay Ends Very Well!

July 12th, 2013

The Caissa Summer Festival chess clinics by coach Collin this week on Monday and Tuesday in Chai Wan and Thursday and Friday here in Discovery Bay ended after 8 hours of instructions, games, puzzles and, above all, fun in chess for over 20 youth players.


Action in the DB Chess Clinic

Action in the DB Chess Clinic


Collin, again, managed to instill and grow interest in the beautiful game of chess and that remains a noteworthy achievement for this age group who love to play computer games and toys that blink and bleep more – even more so during holidays.

Some of the participants we will see back in tomorrow’s tournament, some we will defintely see in other future tournaments. You are all warned!


Chai Wan Group

Chai Wan Group


Discovery Bay Group

Discovery Bay Group

Players List 13 July Anniversary Open Rapid Chess Tournament

July 11th, 2013

Compared to our previous, and first, major Open Tournament, the DB Blitz last December, we are glad to see now double the amount of players will be joining on July 13. In total 47 players have signed up, 19 participants playing for the Open prizes, 15 playing for the Youth P4-P6 prizes and 13 for the P1-P3 prizes.

Some interesting observations:

  • The champion of the December 2012 DB Blitz is playing
  • Two other prize winners from that tournament will also play
  • We have 8 players traveling in from Shenzhen, among which  4 Chinese youth players and 4 adult players from diverse international background: Australian, Ukrainian, Italian, Chinese
  • 9 Caissa players (go, boys and girls, go!)
  • The National Champion U10, the National Champion U7, the National Blitz Champion U8 and from the National Championship U8 group we have numbers 2, 3 and 4 playing
  • We have the best girl of National Championship U8 playing, who is also the number 5 of the World Championship Schools in Girls U7 category
  • Number 6 of the Hong Kong Finals is playing
  • The only person to hold a draw in the simul against Junior World Champion IGM Alexander Ipatov is playing too …

You can figure out all names for yourself from below list!

Participants List per 11 July

Participants List per 11 July

New Hong Kong CiS Rating Updated

July 8th, 2013


With the end of the Caissa Spring season the results of all rounds have been submitted to FIDE generating the latest FIDE CiS rating. Caissa is very proud to have given FIDE CiS Premium Student Accounts to close to 30 Hong Kong youth who can now start working to improve a concrete target (their rating) by playing as much as possible in CiS rated events.

Because the Caissa spring competition was the first CiS rated event in Hong Kong, the rating numbers are still skewed towards a high score for the relatively older players. FIDE’s formula for a starting rating depends on the age as a decisive variable.

But that is only the starting point! We can see that some of our Hong Kong youth have worked hard to improve their score by real win results.


FIDE CiS Rating per 8 July 2013

FIDE CiS Rating per 8 July 2013


Jay, Miguel Angel and Mei Jing have already side-stepped their low starting point due to their young age by scoring very good results in the Intermediate and Advanced groups and Bryant, scoring 100% in the Intermediate group, has shown that his relatively high starting point was not only because of the age factor.

We can also see many new accounts have been created as part of new Caissa memberhips since 18 May and for the coming 13 July Caissa 1st Anniversary Tournament which will be CiS rated for all youth players. We will definitely see interesting further developments as the CiS rating slowly evolves towards a reliable pointer of relative strength.

1st Year Anniversary Tournament Interim Players List

July 4th, 2013

Next week Caissa will conclude her first season with 5 days of chess activities: Two chess clinics by coach FIDE CM Collin Madhavan on Monday/Tuesday in Chai Wan and Thursday/Friday in Discovery Bay and of course the Seasons-End Rapid Tournament.

As of today 30 players have registered: 14 players from Primary School and 16 players somewhat older …

All players will play in one group, competing for their own age category prizes, and it would be wise not to underestimate the youth of whom some are the top players in Hong Kong in their age category; we will surely see some fine action from them.

What is completely new to Hong Kong is that for all youth this tournament will be FIDE CiS rated and most players have already been given a one year FIDE CiS Premium Membership.


Hong Kong lacks a rating system for children and we hope that other tournament organizers will use the created FIDE CiS accounts to rate their tournaments as well so that once a critical mass has been reached we can organize more meaningful grouping of youth than by schoolyear so that both weaker and stronger players stay motivated as they move up their skills playing against opponents of similar strength.

In the group of players competing for the Open group prizes we see a strong mixture of young players and veterans, chess coaches and students, players from Hong Kong and abroad.

It will be fun …

Registered participants per 4 July 2013

Registered participants per 4 July 2013