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Season 2013/14 started! Week 1 Update

August 20th, 2013

The week of 12 August was the start of ¬†the club’s season 2013-14. We will use the month of August to slowly settle in. The competition will start from September.

Discovery Bay Intermediate – Thursday 15 August

In the Intermediate group we had a slow start with several players still on holiday or having some school commitments. A short mini-tournament was played and some generic instruction was given. From next week we will work through Step 2 Workbook. Thursday 22 August we will warm up with the Mix Test A on page 3 of Step 2.

Discovery Bay Beginners – Saturday 17 August

We were glad to welcome two new members, Alex and Wo Hang. Also here several players were still on holiday or had other engagements and we mostly spent time going through the rules and basic chess principles and some casual play. Next week we will go through basic check mates with Rook.

Discovery Bay Advanced – Saturday 17 August

Except for the boys coming from outside Discovery Bay almost all players were there and we welcome in this group Richard and Koji as new members. With 8 people around an interesting short 1o mins blitz casual tournament was held in which Richard claimed 5 points, followed by Koji, Miguel Angel, Max and Bryant all on second place with 3 points each. Despite having less than 3 points Mei Jing, Wilson and Chor Wei showed some very decent chess and this is just a warming up! Next week we will do Step 3 Mix Test B on page 3.


New members Koji (with white against Bryant) and Richard (background)

New members Koji (with white against Bryant) and Richard (background)


Kennedy Town – Sunday 18 August

It was the first time Caissa held a meeting at the KT Community Center – for almost all people it was a bit of a challenge to find the location. However, good to see a handful new faces or players familiar from previous tournaments joining as a trial and we are very glad to welcome Ritvik as our first official new member!

In Kennedy Town we will first settle in through casual play and some tailored coaching before we can divide the group formally in different levels.

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