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Hong Kong FIDE Trainer Seminar Ends Successfully as Super Typhoon Usagi Hits Town

September 23rd, 2013

In the weekend of 20-22 September IGM Efstratios Grivas led 20 participants, including 8 participants who had come from 7 different federations, through an interesting and important seminar that will result in an expansion of the Hong Kong certified trainer base by at least double.


The Hong Kong FIDE TRG Seminar 2013 Participants

The Hong Kong FIDE TRG Seminar 2013 Participants


Efstratios Grivas made each three of the 5 hour session fly by. The topics presented covered a wide array of useful information for trainers to better support their students, from nutrition facts, sleeping patterns, motivation, analyzing results, chess wisdom from classics, opening preparation, handling of endgames and so on.

Despite the fact that various logistics had to be rearranged to hold the last day of the seminar in the middle of the biggest storm on the planet in 2013 passing through Hong Kong, 19 of 20 the participants were able to make it and complete the seminar successfully.


Hong Kong TRG 2013

IGM Efstratios Grivas Addressing the Audience


Well done participants and congratulations. Well done Efstratios and thanks for your visit and inspiring seminar!

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