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A Weekend of 10 minutes Blitz

October 28th, 2013

Discovery Bay

The weather last Saturday was so good that, well, why not enjoy the breeze of a blitz. The beginners group was divided into two groups of 5 players.

In group B, Kaya and Gauri shared first place with 2.5 points, followed by Chris with 1.5, Tiffany with 1 and Fiona with 0.5 points. In group A, Alex who came late and played a game less, still ended first with 3 straight wins, followed by Maximilien with 2.5, Wo Hang with 2, Jaewon with 1 and Kevin this time with no points.


Coach Aravind watches over group A. Group B is in the foreground.

Coach Aravind watches over group A. Group B (Fiona-Tiffany and Gauri-Chris) play in the foreground.


In the Advanced group we missed Koji and Richard this time as Richard played in the Hong Kong Chess Association organized October 2013 tournament for youth. Richard was the only player from Caissa but he made an impact by winning the U12 category with 5 out of 8 points. Congrats Richie!

Aravind, who helped supervise the Beginners group stayed on to play in the Advanced mini Blitz tournament – the weather was still very good…

Also in the Advanced group we split in 2 groups. In group B Mei Jing kept on showing her form but Max this time seemed to have a strong come back; to that degree that Max and Mei Jing, both ending with 3 points, had to play a 5 minutes deciding game. Mei Jing had the better position and two more minutes on the clock when the clock’s battery’s turned dead. We had to leave the place and the game was decided draw. Samira ended with 2 points, Chor Wei with 1.5 and Wilson with 0.5.

In group A, David only lost to Miguel Angel but ended first place with 3 points, followed by Miguel Angel with 2.5, Aravind with 2, James with 1.5 and Miguel Angel sr., with 1 point.


Left: James - Aravind and Chor Wei - Samira while Miguel Angel sr. watches Mei Jing play

Left: James – Aravind and Chor Wei – Samira while Miguel Angel sr. watches Mei Jing play


Sheung Wan

In Sheung Wan we are glad to welcome Matthew and Marcus as our new members and it was also good to have both Melvin and Oliver visiting for a trial as they showed some good play, 10 minutes blitz – the weather was still very good – against Miguel Angel, Mei Jing and Ritvik.

10 minutes blitz thaThe weather was still great

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