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Hong Kong Juniors Championship 2013

November 11th, 2013

On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November the Kowloon Technical School turned into a venue for 150 players to compete for the title of Hong Kong Junior Champion 2013 in their respective age categories of U7 through U18. Our Caissa youth participated in the U7 and U10 age categories.

Under 7

Players U7 started on Sunday afternoon to work through 7 rounds of 10 minutes per person blitz games. Mei Jing Garceran Wang was Caissa’s only representative and hope in this age group and she started off very well with 4 straight wins.

In the 5th round her ferocious attack with black was leaving too many weak squares in her own defense; enough for Aaditya Kadam to win material such that Mei Jing, having to think too long, lost on time.

In round 6, a piece up against Harold Kwong, Harold still found a way to achieve perpetual check. An unlucky draw for Mei Jing, however, in round 7 against Tommy Yau, Mei Jing crawled through the eye of the needle managing to checkmate her oponnent in a very bad position.

Give and take, the end result of the top 5 did justice to all players who remained very close. Mei Jing ended 4th  and was again the best girl of Hong Kong in U7. Well done!


Final Ranking U7 HK Juniors  2013

Final Ranking U7 HK Juniors 2013


Mei Jing and Harold in Round 6

Mei Jing and Harold in Round 6


Prize Winners U7

Prize Winners U7


Under 10

Caissa’s 5 players Richard Takasumi, Chor Wei Tang, Gerent Lee, Samira Salwan (all Discovery Bay Club) and Ray Sze (Sheung Wan Club) competed in the largest group of 78 players. Miguel Angel Garceran Wang, being sick, had to stay home and could not participate.

Ray, playing for the first time in this age group, scored 2.5 points ending on 59th place. Samira, who unfortunately missed the first game, still scored 4 points to climb up to 28th position in the end. Gerent, also playing in this age group for the first time, scored 4 points like Samira and ended 20st.


Samira with white stays calm with the black queen on her back rank

Samira with white stays calm with the black queen on her back rank


Chor Wei played his best national championship tournament so far scoring 5 points to end with the same amount of points as number 6, Ronald Choy, but on tie-break finally ranked 15th. Good progress!

Richard, who ended number 2 last year scored 6 points to end shared 2nd with James Kwong (last year’s champion) but on tie-break finally ended 3rd. Very impressive of these boys to continuously stay at the top – but this year’s champion was a 7 wins scoring girls, Chingchi Wong, from Shenzhen. Congratulations to you all.


Richard among the Prize Winners U10

Prize Winners U10


Final Ranking U10 (top 34 places)

Final Ranking U10 (top 34 places)


Finally a quick congratulation to all prize winners in the other groups. In U13, especially for an impressive champion Benjamin Oh with 7 out of 7, and for last year’s U13 champion, and new champion in U18, Michael Yang, with 6.5 points.

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