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Mei Jing and Jay claim first place in the Discovery Bay competition

January 20th, 2014

In the Beginners/Intermediate group we see that Jay, Wo Hang, Max and Kaya remain without point loss. Be reminded that we are using the Keizer System. Pairing is by and large like Swiss system but the ranking depends on the ranking of the opponent you win against. Because of this reason Wo Hang is 3rd with 2 points and Maximilien is 2nd with 1 point – he won against an opponent with more ranking points than the two opponents Wo Hang beat.

All players on the top will be paired against each other just like in the Swiss system and the situation will soon stabilize.

Kian, same as last week, but this week also Ian, let their opponents escape into a stalemate draw. We will talk about the Midas touch next week to make sure that players are reminded that chess is not about winning as much material as possible, even so much your opponent has no legal moves left (!), but about check mating – preferably in the shortest way.


Gsp = played, Gw = won, Rm = draw, Vl = lost

Gsp = played, Gw = won, Rm = draw, Vl = lost


In the Advanced group we had four games. Jing, who joined the competition for the first time, pushed her white pieces very hard against Samira’s black king side and forced a checkmate. Miguel Angel leveraged his horrible queen pin in Chor Wei’s position towards a quick win and Wilson’s white attack against Maxwell was unstoppable after having reached black’s back rank. A noteworthy result was Mei Jing’s win with black against James who tried to break open Mei Jing’s Philidor defense on f7 but could not recover his piece back. With 4.5 points Mei Jing is leading the group now!


Cross Table Advanced Group

Cross Table Advanced Group

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