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Joseph and Rachel top the Winter Competition Ranking

January 21st, 2014

Adult Group

With the adjournment of the game between Peter and James only two games were played in the adult group last Thursday evening. Daniel had to maneuver very carefully with white in an open and exciting French Winawer. Hannah managed to push her center pawns all the way up to 2nd and 3rd rank but with little, and less time on the clock than Daniel, Hannah did not find the strongest and seemingly winning moves, nor the forced draw that could be achieved by giving away all her pawns and march with her king to the white a8 square where white’s dark square bishop could never help promote the a2 pawn. Daniel kept his cool well and won the game.

David played a Veresov against Joseph but gave away a pawn by executing the wrong move order and Joseph’s position was stable enough to slowly roll up the white pieces and claim a good win and first place in the ranking.


Cross Table Adult Winter

Cross Table Adult Winter


Youth Group

In the youth group Miguel Angel with white breached Jonathan’s position via a knight pin on f6 and from there slowly accumulated material enough to get into a winning position.

Mei Jing did not pay attention in the opening to Rachel’s queen maneuver to b6 attacking both the knight on g8 and the b2 pawn. Once the knight was off the board Rachel routinely played the game out and with 2 points Rachel leads the competition now.


Rachel black bishop captured Mei Jing's knight on g1 early in the game

Rachel black bishop captured Mei Jing’s knight on g1 early in the game


Arjun allowed Ronald to line up his 3 heaviest pieces against his white king. A sacrifice could not avert the black pieces assault and Ronald scored his second win in the competition.

Oliver with white made well use of the positional error of Regis playing  his black queen to f6 too early in the game. The black position collapsed soon when the queen was chased away and left some pieces undefended.

Finally, Hugo won his game against Ray because Ray could not make it in time to the club.


Cross Table and Rank Youth

Cross Table and Rank Youth

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