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Winter Competition: Daniel Lam and Miguel Angel Garceran Wang Lead

February 14th, 2014

Adult Group

After 4 rounds in the Winter Competition we see that, despite a draw against David, Daniel has taken a solid lead. Next week, in the last round only James can in theory stop Daniel. It looks like potentially we can have 3 players end with 3.5 points and it will be exciting until the end.

Joseph played an attractive attacking game against the French set-up chosen by James. Joseph put constant pressure across his opened h-file as well as in the center according to the principle of attacking two weaknesses at the same time. However, James defended tediously and consuming almost all his time, but some 3 minutes, agreed to a draw with so little time when Joseph blundered a piece.

Hannah and David played a balanced game in which Hannah’s white rooks controlled the d-file but David’s black pawns had occupied attractive territory on the queen side where the white king had castled. Avoiding tactics of check mates in the middle of the board the game ended in a draw as well, which was, given the cold temperature in the venue, not a bad idea.


Round 4 Rank Adult Winter Competition 2014


Youth U12 Group

By defeating his sister Mei Jing, Miguel Angel tops the rank now after Ronald and Rachel drew against each other.

Jonathan with black counter-pinned Oliver’s pin such that after the dust of various exchanges was settled he was a piece up and could win the game. Regis won heavy material in the early stage of the game and did not make a mistake on the road to collecting his first point against Hugo.


standing after r4

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