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Joshua and Ian lead Intermediate Group and Wo Hang and Seth lead Beginners Group

May 26th, 2014

After 26 rounds, and with the last competition day on 28 June closing near, we slowly see the contours of the end ranking and potential prize winners. Note that we have 2 prizes (trophies) for the Intermediate group: both are allowed to go to the Advanced group next season. In the Beginners group we have 3 trophies and all 3 winners will enter the Intermediate Group.


Lucas and Suneh watch how the Bryant seems to be faring well again Mei Jing with Wilson vs. Jing Miguel Angel vs. James in the background studied by standing Koji.

Lucas and Suneh watch how Bryant seems to be faring well again Mei Jing with Wilson vs. Jing and Miguel Angel vs. James in the background studied by standing Koji.


With Ian’s and Jay’s absence in the Intermediate group Joshua overtook Ian and Lucas pushed himself up into the top by beating two of the highest ranked players.

Despite being absent in the Beginners group, Wo Hang remains ahead of both Seth and both Alexes but the gap is closing …


Rank after 26 Rounds

Rank after 26 Rounds

Ian consolidates top spot position

May 10th, 2014

On the 5th consecutive day of rain, thunderstorms and ligthing our 10 May club meeting started with discussing rooks – a thundering white rook that had penetrated onto the 7th rank versus the black rook miserably protecting its b-pawn from b8.


Discussing the Relative Value of Rooks

Discussing the Relative Value of Rooks


Warming up before Round 19

In the middle Suneh watches Ian warm up with Chor Wei up before Round 19


Maximilien with White against Joshua

Maximilien warming up with white against Joshua – on the second board we see creative play with the black queen from Alex M against Saga …


In round 19 Joshua did good business to walk into a stalemate against Ian and Jay scored an important win against Suneh. Seth managed to play out his advantage on the board against Roshan before his time was up and as such Seth climbed further up, meeting the player in top form, Ian, in round 20. Ian won this game.


Round 19 Results

Round 19 Results


Round 20 Results

Round 20 Results


Jay beat Kian and Joshua beat Maximilien in round 20 which resulted in Wo Hang, who was absent in the last 2 rounds, moving to 4th place. It is not clear who can stop Ian from becoming champion but the race is still full on for the 2nd and 3rd place.


Ranking after 17 Rounds

Ranking after 20 Rounds

Dutch Open Youth: ONJK 2014

May 5th, 2014

Last year’s participation of Caissa’s Miguel Angel and Mei Jing in the Dutch Open Youth (ONJK) was memorable. First, Miguel Angel became Open Dutch Champion U8 with 9 out of 11 and brought this prestigious title home to Hong Kong!

But second, and from various angles more importantly, we were glad to have participated in a tournament organised in a proper child friendly way. It is clear that Holland, a country small by population and area, but with over 30 Grand Masters and number 6 in the last chess Olympiad (just behind three former Soviet powerhouses, China and the USA) knows how to make and keep children fond of playing chess.

The 2014 (and 40th!) edition will be held from 4-9 August. No plans for the summer yet? From Caissa we will be going with a few players. Hong Kong youth interested to go to a small typical Dutch town and play in a magnificent chess event, drop us a note ([email protected]) for more information about how we can coordinate this further – or visit the ONJK site directly for further information.