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Miguel Angel ends 2nd in the Dutch Closed Youth Championship U9

June 21st, 2014

The Dutch National closed championship U7, U8 and U9 (Nationale Pupillendag) is like the grande finale of Dutch youth chess in which only players are invited to participate who were qualified by winning or ending in the top 3 of their respective regional chess associations. One of Caissa’s star players, Miguel Angel, was qualified to participate in the U9 category when he became the National Open Champion U8 in 2013.


Miguel Angel Garceran Wang in Dutch National Chess Championship 2014 with proud father and trainer


Among the best of the best U9 players in Holland, Miguel Angel played a strong tournament ending with 6 out of 7 on the second place. An interesting game showing Miguel Angel’s attacking spirit, although not always 100 percent precise, is here below where Miguel Angel doesn’t take a free rook, nor the queen but nestles his white queen on d7 for the checkmate. Cool …



The tournament was perfectly well organized with lots of space for parents and guests to sit and wait, eat, talk and have a good cup of coffee while the children played their games in a comfortable and spacious setting.

Anish Giri, currently the strongest Dutch player, ranked 14 in the world (rating 2752), and given his age of only 20 years old likely a serious contender to Magnus Carlsen’s world title any time soon, had come over as a special guest at the end of the tournament to hand out the prizes. Good motivation for all players who know that Giri was only 14 years old when he turned Grandmaster. Go boys and girls – it can be done!


Anish Giri, top 15 Grandmaster in the world and the best Dutch chess player handed out the prizes.

Anish Giri, top Grandmaster in the world and the best Dutch chess player at the moment, handed out the prizes.


Anish Giri with all prize winners

All prize winners – tired but happy!


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