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Discovery Bay Competition Started – 4 players with 100 percent score

August 30th, 2014

After a long summer holiday we finally started our first rounds of the competition.

In the Beginners/Intermediate Group Ritvik, Seth and Noah proceeded as they ended the previous season: in great form, winning both of their games.

Wo Hang started off well with a win against Suneh but lost against Ritvik in round 2. Suneh, on the other hand recovered in round 2 from his first round loss by winning in the longest game of the day against Arjun, one of our new members who had won his first round game against Maximilien. Maximilien in the second round regained ground by winning from Arjun’s brother, Gobind, another new member. Earlier in the first round Hop Hang, another new member, had tricked Gobind into opening up his black king side which was exploited by the white queen coming in and checkmating the black king from nearby. But the second round Hop Hang stumbled against Noah who, as mentioned earlier, had won both games.

Many more thing happened on the 10 boards in this group over a timespan of just 90 minutes and it will surely be an interesting competition moving forward as other new players, like Ada and Nathan who tried their first competition game ever, drawing against each other, will gain more experience.


Beginners/Intermediate Group Standing after 2 Rounds

Beginners/Intermediate Group Standing after 2 Rounds


In the Advanced Group newly promoted  Joshua did well against Bryant in a fast game with a big trick. Koji impressed by consistently winning 3 games in a row. The most spectacular game was probably that between Miguel Angel and James N who threw in an interesting 2 pawn sacrifice in a bishop end game against Miguel Angel which forced a stalemate.


Miguel Angel with white captures the pawn on h6 and after James N promotes on c1 Miguel Angel has to take the queen on c1 stalemating black ...

Miguel Angel with white captures the pawn on a3 and after James N promotes on c1 Miguel Angel has to take the queen on c1 stalemating black … if only he seen g4+ …


Although Koji is the man to beat now, all players will gradually gain back their form – it is a long way to the end. Exciting!


Advanced Group Ranking after 3 Rounds

Advanced Group Ranking after 3 Rounds

Autumn Youth Grand Prix Starts Sunday 31 August – Strong Line-Up!

August 22nd, 2014

Sunday 31 August we will start our first Youth Grand Prix (YGP) event in the 2014-15 YGP cycle of 6 such events. This first event is Standard chess with 90 minutes per player time control and we have some of hong Kong’s finest players lined up, alphabetically:

  • Marco Ching
  • Samach Chow
  • Ronald Choy
  • Mei Jing Garceran Wang
  • Miguel Angel Garceran Wang
  • Wing Ki James Kwong
  • Wing Shun Harold Kwong
  • Ray Leung
  • Toby Mak
  • Benjamin Oh
  • Richard Takasumi
  • Teddy Yang
  • Oliver Yau

How did it work again?

At this moment we have 13 players. For this Standard chess event each player brings in 5 YGP points (for a Rapid and Blitz event each player brings in 3 YGP points).

Currently the pool of YGP points in this event is thus 13×5=65 points.

As explained, the winner of the event will get 30% of the points, 2nd place will get 25%, 3rd place 20%, 4th place 15% and 5th place 10%. In other words, if no more player joins (but registration is still open!), the 1st place will get 18.5 points (0.3×65), and similarly the 5th place will get 6.5 points and so on.

After 6 YGP events we will see who has most YGP points. The top performers can qualify to play fully sponsored, including travel and lodging, in the Open Dutch Youth first week of August 2015 in U14, U12 or U10.

Of course at the end of 7 rounds of this first event we will also have trophies and cash prizes. But more so than winning in this particular event, the best thing is you get to practice Standard chess against your peers and some of Hong Kong’s strongest players. We look forward to see some tough and exciting games with lots to learn.

Finally, note that in the first 4 rounds you can have maximum 2 BYEs, if mentioned the Wednesday before the Sunday game. This kind of BYE will give you 0.5 points.

Season Start: Prizes for top performers of last season

August 18th, 2014

August is always a quiet month with many people still to return from their holidays into their Hong Kong daily routines. The formal competition will thus start from the first Saturday in September and in the weeks of August until then we will be playing casual blitz and rapid chess.

As such we had 3 small round robin groups of rapid games. In the Advanced group Miguel Angel was the best scoring player with 3 straight wins out of 3 games. In the Intermediate group it was Ian who scored most and in the Beginners group Seth managed to be the best scoring player with 3 wins.

As part of breaking the ice of the new season we awarded well deserved trophies to the prize winners of last season.

In the Beginners group 2nd placed Alex To wasn’t there but Wo Hang and Kian, respectively 1st and 3rd Prize, were glad to accept their trophies. All three players are promoted to the Intermediate group.

In the Intermediate group 2nd placed Joshua wasn’t there either but Ian also gladly received his 1st Prize. Both players were promoted to the Advanced group.

The special Prize of Most Improved Player went to Seth who managed in record time to finish the Step 1 level course from scratch and end in the top half of the competition.

We were very glad also to welcome three new members: welcome aboard Hop Hang, Victor and Teddy!


Prize Winners (left to right): Ian, Seth, Kian and Wo Hang

Prize Winners (left to right): Ian, Seth, Kian and Wo Hang


Kian and Mom

Kian and Mom


Seth and Mom

Seth and Mom


Wo Hang and Hop Hang

Wo Hang and His Younger Brother Hop Hang Stretching


Ready for Start of New Season

August 12th, 2014

We welcome everybody back and we look forward to season 2014-15 which promises to become action packed with chess activities.

In addition to our Saturday club competition in Discovery Bay we will be organizing 10 tournaments spread out over the season covering one weekend day blitz and rapid events as well as 7 rounds standard chess tournaments spread out over 7 weeks. For youth, Grand Prix points can be earned which will entitle the top performers to a fully sponsored trip to a major chess event abroad, likely the Open Dutch Youth Championship in summer 2015. At this event our Caissa’s Miguel Angel became Dutch Open Champion in U8 (Group G) last year and in August this year he did very well again to become 2nd place in the U9 (Group F) category. Let’s get some more prizes to Hong Kong next year!

We will continue to organize friendly club team matches against our sister clubs from Macao and various clubs scattered around in Southern China and we will try to expand our reach further.

At this moment we are recruiting participants to join in the team tournament in Singapore on 6-7 September. As Caissa member you will be sponsored 1,000HK$ for this trip. Enroll now to become member (youth only 1,250HK$ per year)!


Caissa Team 1 in Last Year's Event

Caissa Team 1 in Last Year’s Event


From Friday we will start our courses – please enroll online for the courses starting this weekend if you haven’t done so yet.

On coming Saturday 16 August we will officially start the season by handing out trophies to the top performers of 2013-14.

In the Intermediate Group Ian will receive 1st Prize and And Joshua 2nd Prize and both can play in the Advanced Group.

In the Beginners Group the 1st Prize goes to Wo Hang, 2nd prize to Alex and 3rd prize to Kian. All three players will go to the Intermediate Group.

A trophy for the Most Improved Player will go to Seth who in record tempo finished Step 1 from Scratch and managed to score 304 Keizer System points in just 13 games.


Final Ranking 2013-14 Season and Prize Winners

Final Ranking 2013-14 Season and Prize Winners