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Season Start: Prizes for top performers of last season

August 18th, 2014

August is always a quiet month with many people still to return from their holidays into their Hong Kong daily routines. The formal competition will thus start from the first Saturday in September and in the weeks of August until then we will be playing casual blitz and rapid chess.

As such we had 3 small round robin groups of rapid games. In the Advanced group Miguel Angel was the best scoring player with 3 straight wins out of 3 games. In the Intermediate group it was Ian who scored most and in the Beginners group Seth managed to be the best scoring player with 3 wins.

As part of breaking the ice of the new season we awarded well deserved trophies to the prize winners of last season.

In the Beginners group 2nd placed Alex To wasn’t there but Wo Hang and Kian, respectively 1st and 3rd Prize, were glad to accept their trophies. All three players are promoted to the Intermediate group.

In the Intermediate group 2nd placed Joshua wasn’t there either but Ian also gladly received his 1st Prize. Both players were promoted to the Advanced group.

The special Prize of Most Improved Player went to Seth who managed in record time to finish the Step 1 level course from scratch and end in the top half of the competition.

We were very glad also to welcome three new members: welcome aboard Hop Hang, Victor and Teddy!


Prize Winners (left to right): Ian, Seth, Kian and Wo Hang

Prize Winners (left to right): Ian, Seth, Kian and Wo Hang


Kian and Mom

Kian and Mom


Seth and Mom

Seth and Mom


Wo Hang and Hop Hang

Wo Hang and His Younger Brother Hop Hang Stretching


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