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Autumn Youth Grand Prix Starts Sunday 31 August – Strong Line-Up!

August 22nd, 2014

Sunday 31 August we will start our first Youth Grand Prix (YGP) event in the 2014-15 YGP cycle of 6 such events. This first event is Standard chess with 90 minutes per player time control and we have some of hong Kong’s finest players lined up, alphabetically:

  • Marco Ching
  • Samach Chow
  • Ronald Choy
  • Mei Jing Garceran Wang
  • Miguel Angel Garceran Wang
  • Wing Ki James Kwong
  • Wing Shun Harold Kwong
  • Ray Leung
  • Toby Mak
  • Benjamin Oh
  • Richard Takasumi
  • Teddy Yang
  • Oliver Yau

How did it work again?

At this moment we have 13 players. For this Standard chess event each player brings in 5 YGP points (for a Rapid and Blitz event each player brings in 3 YGP points).

Currently the pool of YGP points in this event is thus 13×5=65 points.

As explained, the winner of the event will get 30% of the points, 2nd place will get 25%, 3rd place 20%, 4th place 15% and 5th place 10%. In other words, if no more player joins (but registration is still open!), the 1st place will get 18.5 points (0.3×65), and similarly the 5th place will get 6.5 points and so on.

After 6 YGP events we will see who has most YGP points. The top performers can qualify to play fully sponsored, including travel and lodging, in the Open Dutch Youth first week of August 2015 in U14, U12 or U10.

Of course at the end of 7 rounds of this first event we will also have trophies and cash prizes. But more so than winning in this particular event, the best thing is you get to practice Standard chess against your peers and some of Hong Kong’s strongest players. We look forward to see some tough and exciting games with lots to learn.

Finally, note that in the first 4 rounds you can have maximum 2 BYEs, if mentioned the Wednesday before the Sunday game. This kind of BYE will give you 0.5 points.

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