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Autumn Open Round 2: Only Joseph and Henry at 100 percent

September 13th, 2014

Last Friday, compared to last week when half of the players were in Singapore, we had full house and with the lucky odd number of 13 participants it was David who got a BYE.

Michel played with black against Ray who, despite an unfortunate trade order which cost him a pawn, played an excellent game but the pawn was enough for Michel to pressure the game into a win.


Michel in deep thoughts

Michel in Deep Thoughts


James played with white against Long You who after over a decade of chess hibernation is picking it up again – starting at our tournament. Long won a pawn on the h- file but found himself after that in a difficult position to deal adequately with James’ active pieces.

With all heavy pieces behind a long and closed pawn chain Richard and Melvin ended their game in a draw – it seemed not easy to break through without weakening the own structure.


Richard and Melvin moving towards - backgroud James against Long

Richard and Melvin moving towards draw with contours of a long pawn chain – backgroud James against Long


Henry played a solid game against young Toby whose slight inaccuracy resulted in a short route towards win for Henry.

Close to the tabiya of an Old Indian set-up, Miguel Angel with black played a5 against Koji at the wrong moment. As a consequence, white’s bishop on e3 increased ¬†in power, eyeing the weak b6 square, such that black was quickly running out of good moves and towards a loss.

Perhaps the highlight match of evening¬†was Joseph against Hannah. French expert Hannah could this time not hold Joseph and through Joseph’s win both he and Henry lead with 2 points now. They will meet each other next week.


Joseph pushes his white pieces into Hannah's queen side - background Henry against Toby

Joseph trying to control his queenside to meet Hannah’s adventurous black queen – background Henry against Toby


Rank Round 2

Rank Round 2

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