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Wo Hang claims top position in DB competition

September 21st, 2014

The Avanced group had a day of non-competition casual chess.


Some casual games in the Advanced group

Some casual games in the Advanced group


In the top 3 in the Beginners / Intermediate group Wo Hang achieved an important win against Suneh in round 6 through which they switches places: Wo Hang now leads, followed by Suneh and Ritvik.

Noah kept Jay away from a 100 percent score by beating him in round 6 but then in round 7 Noah found it impossible to stop the in-form Wo Hang.

Nathan in round 6 won against Ada, who resigned too early in the game, but in round 7 lost from Saga who after her 2 wins today seems to be recovering slowly from form loss in the lost couple of weeks.

Brothers Gobind and Arjun were unfortunately paired against each other in round 6 and after a desastrous, for Arjun, touch of the queen which had to move to only bad squares, Gobind had a comfortable win.



Beginners group at the end of Round 6


New member Nitai fared well in round 6 against Koza and won with a second difference on the clock. In round 7, though, recently promoted Kian beat Nitai  – it was a good day for Kian who also won his game in round 6 against Victor.

Hop Hang lost in round 6 against Seth but recovered well in round 7 with a win against Gobind.

Kaya also scored one win today in round 7 against Arjun after her earlier loss in round 6 against Maximilien.


Beginners / Intermediate Group

Beginners / Intermediate Group

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