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Teddy and and James share first place in YGP2 … and meet next Sunday

February 25th, 2015

With Miguel Angel drawing against Richard in round 5 Teddy has emerged on the top position again after his win against Ronald in that same round, sharing 1st place with James who won against Marco. The game to watch in round 6 will be James against Teddy!

Teddy with white against Ronald

Teddy with white against Ronald breaking through the center


Below the ranking after round 5 and the pairing for round 6:

Cross Table Ranking after Round 5

Cross Table Ranking after Round 5

Pairing Round 6



Long You Stays on Top but …

February 24th, 2015

After Long beat James in their encounter before CNY, Long has freed himself a full point from his followers. However, as Long will not be in town this Friday the top 3 places are not settled at all yet.

See below for ranking after round 6 and pairing round 7…

Cross Table after Round 6

Cross Table after Round 6


Pairing Round 6

Pairing Round 7

Long You Leads Winter Open

February 9th, 2015

The game between the until-then only two undefeated players last Friday ended in a win for Long who met David’s Sicilian with the c3 variation.

Henry’s good-looking sacrifice of a piece for 2 pawns and a strong king side attack did not go as planned against James who found enough of his white pieces readily positioned for the win when black’s assault had run out of steam.

Our 9 years old Miguel Angel came under dangerous fire of several pins and attacks all around his defensive white pieces but he still managed to win the game after Conrad’s miscalculation of move order cost him a rook.


Miguel Angel vs. Conrad - Long in background

Miguel Angel vs. Conrad – Long in background watched by Melvin


Koji and Michel maneuvered their pieces around for a long time before finally the end game with rook + piece and few pawns on both sides grounded into a stand-still  and draw.


Koji vs. Michel

Koji with white vs. Michel


The ranking and score table are below, as is the pairing for next round when the game between James and Long could be crucial for the championship:

Cross table after Round 5

Cross table after Round 5


Pairing Round 6

Pairing Round 6


Pairing Round 5 Winter Open and Youth Grand Prix 2

February 4th, 2015

Coming Friday, Long and David, the only two players without a loss yet will meet to what would likely end with a fierce battle for the full point. Can Miguel Angel show against Conrad that his excellent win against Henry last week was not a coincidence? Will Koji push on after his clear win last week at cost of Michel? James and Henry will be eager to avoid 2 consecutive losses, but who will succeed, or is a draw good enough as Melvin with a BYE point will surely move up? All the answers coming Friday!


Pairing Caissa Winter Open 2015 Round 5

Pairing Caissa Winter Open 2015 Round 5


In the YGP2 round 5 Richard catapulted himself to board 1 where he will meet his Discovery Bay Caissa club mate Miguel Angel who seems to be in great from. Teddy, ranked second, will have to give it his all against Ronald who hasn’t lost yet. James will find a strongly ascending Marco as his opponent this time and Ulysses, who played a game less and still ranks high, will have to deal with Oliver who also hasn’t lost yet with 3 draws and a win out of his 4 games. Toby and Andy’s match outcome will be decisive in regard to staying in the top half or below as is the case with Harsh who can stay in the top half if he manages to beat Steven. Both girls Anika and Mei Jing will try to prove against Pak and Samuel respectively that it doesn’t happen all (Sun)days both girls lose! Harold can enjoy a free Sunday and point being the player with a BYE due to odd number of players.


Pairing Caissa Winter YGP2 2015 Round 5

Pairing Caissa Winter YGP2 2015 Round 5


Miguel Angel Leads YGP 2 flanked by four other players with equal points

February 3rd, 2015

After the 4th round there are five players, each with 3 points, topping the ranking.

On board 1 we had a lengthy but noteworthy battle of the titans of U12, James, and U10, Miguel Angel. Both players lead their age group in Grand Prix points and the game was daring and adventurous from both sides. In the beginning of the endgame Miguel Angel with white managed to force his queen towards close range from the black king and after some necessary exchanges to ease the pressure in front of the black king, Miguel Angel ended in a rook-bishop vs rook-bishop end game one pawn up. With only few minutes left on the clock Miguel Angel accepted the 3-fold repetition by James’ rook checks.

A great game worthy a replay:


On board 2, the U12 boys Ronald and Oliver drew in a game that looked very good for Oliver for a long time, but the pawn up advantage in the end was not enough for Oliver to win.

On board 3, Andy and Teddy had an important game for the U10 grand prix points. Teddy with black had put a lot of pressure on white, winning 2 pawns and later returning them for a superior king pawns endgame which was won very well.

Ulysses with white found Richard blocking his way to get a 3rd win in a row and through this win Richard is back in the top 5.

Marco played concentrated and well against Anika as did Harsh against Mei Jing. Despite their resilience it turned out not to be a good day for the girls.

Harold with white benefited from an error Samuel made early in the game and Toby unfortunately had to wait an hour and got a free point because of Steven’s no show.


Harold playing chess against Toby and Ulysses after finishing their games (Toby waiting for his opponent)

Harold playing chess against Toby and Ulysses after finishing their games (Toby waiting for his opponent)


YGP2 Cross Table after R4

YGP2 Cross Table after Round 4