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Bryant and Seth in Race for DB Saturday Club Championship

May 19th, 2015

After 48 rounds into the Caissa Discovery Bay internal competition Bryant kept his first position by defeating Seth in round 47 in an endgame that was a winning position for Seth who chose to run with the wrong pawn.


Bryant (white) vs. Seth

Bryant (white) vs. Seth


Because Suneh beat Jay in round 47 he climbed to 2nd position but in round 48 it was the same Bryant who stopped Seth earlier who beat Suneh and because Seth won against Chor Wei in round 48 he is back in 2nd position.

Noteworthy is also the impressive sprint of Vincent who just recently joined but by defeating high ranked players has climbed up to 15th place only after 8 games.


Caissa Rank after Round 48

Ranking after round 48 (Punten = points, WA = value, Gsp = played, Gw = win, Rm = draws, Vl = lost)

Samira jumps to 2nd position and Suneh sets scholar’s mate record for the club

January 31st, 2015

After 33 rounds since the start of this season in September 2014, the Discovery Bay internal club competition for the club members Saturdays, shows a ranking in flux. Most noteworthy, compared to the ranking on 25 October, is that Samira (Advanced group) has settled strongly on 2nd place and the Intermediate group players Suneh, Jay and Wo Hang have claimed a spot in the top 10. From the Beginners group Seth and Noah have pushed themselves up close to the top 10 – very impressive.


Chor Xi against Nathan

Chor Xi (white) against Nathan


Good to see that our very youngest players Nathan and Chor Xi start winning regularly and much less so lose because of falling for opening tricks. Speaking of which, we had last week an absolute record set by Suneh, who in a round robin of 5 players beat all his 4 opponents by Scholar’s mate variations – even playing with black, Suneh’s opponents’ white kings collapsed on f2.


Jay with white against Suneh - today no Scholar's mate ...

Jay with white moved his queen out well against Suneh’s Bb6 and Qc5 battery aiming for f2 – today no Scholar’s mate


Christopher 9white) against Koza in foreground and Samira scoring her 2nd win of the day against Joshua in the back.

Christopher (white) against Koza in foreground and Samira scoring her 2nd win of the day against Joshua in the back.


Note that we play with the Keizer System. It can thus be so that players who have played less, but against opponents who are higher ranked, will have a higher ranking than players who played more and/or won more games, but against lower ranked opponents. You can read a good explanation on the Keizer System here. Below the ranking as of 31 January 2015.


DB Internal Competition - Rank After Round 33 on 31 Janaury 2015

DB Internal Competition – Rank After Round 33 on 31 January 2015 (Punten = points, Wa = value, Gsp = played, Gw= win, Rm= draw, Vl = lose)


Miguel Angel Leads DB Competition

October 29th, 2014

Last Saturday, in the Step 3 & 4 morning class, after the dozen or so tactic puzzles, we experimented with a fun way to play chess, well, kind of chess. Using all chess rules, in 4 player chess  opponents play against each other on the same board, like it was arguably played in a very original version of chess far back in time in India.

Machiavelli, von Clausewitz, Sun Tsu and the likes would have smiled seeing the players were quick to understand the importance of diplomatic alliances, creating and breaking them many times as the game progressed.


4-player chess at caissa hong kong

More than forks, pins and double attacks Jay, Chor Wei, Jacob and Lucas soon found out the importance of alliances

4-player chess at caissa hong kong

In between the two games of competition Nitai, Ian, Ada and Koza tried out their luck, observered by Nathan


The Advanced Group is merged into the Intermediate and Beginners Group to make pairing easier. Each player will of course still only play for the prize in his or her category but chances are for an Intermediate player who scores well to face an Advanced player and if he/she is in form crisis to also play the top Beginners.

Miguel Angel scored an important win in his second game against Koji that pushed him up to first place.


DB Internal ranking 2014-15 October 25

DB Internal ranking 2014-15 October 25

Wo Hang claims top position in DB competition

September 21st, 2014

The Avanced group had a day of non-competition casual chess.


Some casual games in the Advanced group

Some casual games in the Advanced group


In the top 3 in the Beginners / Intermediate group Wo Hang achieved an important win against Suneh in round 6 through which they switches places: Wo Hang now leads, followed by Suneh and Ritvik.

Noah kept Jay away from a 100 percent score by beating him in round 6 but then in round 7 Noah found it impossible to stop the in-form Wo Hang.

Nathan in round 6 won against Ada, who resigned too early in the game, but in round 7 lost from Saga who after her 2 wins today seems to be recovering slowly from form loss in the lost couple of weeks.

Brothers Gobind and Arjun were unfortunately paired against each other in round 6 and after a desastrous, for Arjun, touch of the queen which had to move to only bad squares, Gobind had a comfortable win.



Beginners group at the end of Round 6


New member Nitai fared well in round 6 against Koza and won with a second difference on the clock. In round 7, though, recently promoted Kian beat Nitai  – it was a good day for Kian who also won his game in round 6 against Victor.

Hop Hang lost in round 6 against Seth but recovered well in round 7 with a win against Gobind.

Kaya also scored one win today in round 7 against Arjun after her earlier loss in round 6 against Maximilien.


Beginners / Intermediate Group

Beginners / Intermediate Group

Round 5 Saturday Internal Competition Discovery Bay

September 14th, 2014

Hectic times last Saturday at Discovery Bay when we played rounds 4 and 5 in the competition with all tables fully occupied.

In the Beginners/Intermediate group  Suneh, Wo Hang and Ritvik consolidated their top spots with Noah following closely. Jay won both his first games in the competition and being the only player with 100% score so far he is surely moving upwards too.



Beginners/Intermediate Group


In the Advanced group various players played their first games. Brothers James K and Harold for example, who had a good day against Mei Jing who lost both her games against them.

Teddy also played his first games against against James K and Harold and managed to win from Harold but lost against James K.

Koji kept on playing strong and beat Samira and as Miguel Angel and Richard also won, against Bryant and Joshua respectively, the top 4 has broken loose a bit, but with Koji strongly in the lead.


Advanced Group

Advanced Group

Discovery Bay Competition Started – 4 players with 100 percent score

August 30th, 2014

After a long summer holiday we finally started our first rounds of the competition.

In the Beginners/Intermediate Group Ritvik, Seth and Noah proceeded as they ended the previous season: in great form, winning both of their games.

Wo Hang started off well with a win against Suneh but lost against Ritvik in round 2. Suneh, on the other hand recovered in round 2 from his first round loss by winning in the longest game of the day against Arjun, one of our new members who had won his first round game against Maximilien. Maximilien in the second round regained ground by winning from Arjun’s brother, Gobind, another new member. Earlier in the first round Hop Hang, another new member, had tricked Gobind into opening up his black king side which was exploited by the white queen coming in and checkmating the black king from nearby. But the second round Hop Hang stumbled against Noah who, as mentioned earlier, had won both games.

Many more thing happened on the 10 boards in this group over a timespan of just 90 minutes and it will surely be an interesting competition moving forward as other new players, like Ada and Nathan who tried their first competition game ever, drawing against each other, will gain more experience.


Beginners/Intermediate Group Standing after 2 Rounds

Beginners/Intermediate Group Standing after 2 Rounds


In the Advanced Group newly promoted  Joshua did well against Bryant in a fast game with a big trick. Koji impressed by consistently winning 3 games in a row. The most spectacular game was probably that between Miguel Angel and James N who threw in an interesting 2 pawn sacrifice in a bishop end game against Miguel Angel which forced a stalemate.


Miguel Angel with white captures the pawn on h6 and after James N promotes on c1 Miguel Angel has to take the queen on c1 stalemating black ...

Miguel Angel with white captures the pawn on a3 and after James N promotes on c1 Miguel Angel has to take the queen on c1 stalemating black … if only he seen g4+ …


Although Koji is the man to beat now, all players will gradually gain back their form – it is a long way to the end. Exciting!


Advanced Group Ranking after 3 Rounds

Advanced Group Ranking after 3 Rounds

Season Start: Prizes for top performers of last season

August 18th, 2014

August is always a quiet month with many people still to return from their holidays into their Hong Kong daily routines. The formal competition will thus start from the first Saturday in September and in the weeks of August until then we will be playing casual blitz and rapid chess.

As such we had 3 small round robin groups of rapid games. In the Advanced group Miguel Angel was the best scoring player with 3 straight wins out of 3 games. In the Intermediate group it was Ian who scored most and in the Beginners group Seth managed to be the best scoring player with 3 wins.

As part of breaking the ice of the new season we awarded well deserved trophies to the prize winners of last season.

In the Beginners group 2nd placed Alex To wasn’t there but Wo Hang and Kian, respectively 1st and 3rd Prize, were glad to accept their trophies. All three players are promoted to the Intermediate group.

In the Intermediate group 2nd placed Joshua wasn’t there either but Ian also gladly received his 1st Prize. Both players were promoted to the Advanced group.

The special Prize of Most Improved Player went to Seth who managed in record time to finish the Step 1 level course from scratch and end in the top half of the competition.

We were very glad also to welcome three new members: welcome aboard Hop Hang, Victor and Teddy!


Prize Winners (left to right): Ian, Seth, Kian and Wo Hang

Prize Winners (left to right): Ian, Seth, Kian and Wo Hang


Kian and Mom

Kian and Mom


Seth and Mom

Seth and Mom


Wo Hang and Hop Hang

Wo Hang and His Younger Brother Hop Hang Stretching


Joshua and Ian lead Intermediate Group and Wo Hang and Seth lead Beginners Group

May 26th, 2014

After 26 rounds, and with the last competition day on 28 June closing near, we slowly see the contours of the end ranking and potential prize winners. Note that we have 2 prizes (trophies) for the Intermediate group: both are allowed to go to the Advanced group next season. In the Beginners group we have 3 trophies and all 3 winners will enter the Intermediate Group.


Lucas and Suneh watch how the Bryant seems to be faring well again Mei Jing with Wilson vs. Jing Miguel Angel vs. James in the background studied by standing Koji.

Lucas and Suneh watch how Bryant seems to be faring well again Mei Jing with Wilson vs. Jing and Miguel Angel vs. James in the background studied by standing Koji.


With Ian’s and Jay’s absence in the Intermediate group Joshua overtook Ian and Lucas pushed himself up into the top by beating two of the highest ranked players.

Despite being absent in the Beginners group, Wo Hang remains ahead of both Seth and both Alexes but the gap is closing …


Rank after 26 Rounds

Rank after 26 Rounds

Ian consolidates top spot position

May 10th, 2014

On the 5th consecutive day of rain, thunderstorms and ligthing our 10 May club meeting started with discussing rooks – a thundering white rook that had penetrated onto the 7th rank versus the black rook miserably protecting its b-pawn from b8.


Discussing the Relative Value of Rooks

Discussing the Relative Value of Rooks


Warming up before Round 19

In the middle Suneh watches Ian warm up with Chor Wei up before Round 19


Maximilien with White against Joshua

Maximilien warming up with white against Joshua – on the second board we see creative play with the black queen from Alex M against Saga …


In round 19 Joshua did good business to walk into a stalemate against Ian and Jay scored an important win against Suneh. Seth managed to play out his advantage on the board against Roshan before his time was up and as such Seth climbed further up, meeting the player in top form, Ian, in round 20. Ian won this game.


Round 19 Results

Round 19 Results


Round 20 Results

Round 20 Results


Jay beat Kian and Joshua beat Maximilien in round 20 which resulted in Wo Hang, who was absent in the last 2 rounds, moving to 4th place. It is not clear who can stop Ian from becoming champion but the race is still full on for the 2nd and 3rd place.


Ranking after 17 Rounds

Ranking after 20 Rounds

Ian back on First Place and Wo Hang back in Top 3

April 27th, 2014

Despite various players still out of town due to the Easter break, the 10 players that came to play in round 14 and 15 of the competition did make their mark. Both Ian and Wo Hang won both their games and as such Ian dethroned Jay from the top spot and Joshua from the 3rd place. Suneh also won twice and consolidated his 4th place while inching closer to the 3rd place. Let’s see what happens next week!


Rank after 15 Rounds

Rank after 15 Rounds