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HKJC Winter Rapid 2013

November 14th, 2013

The winter rapid organized by Hong Kong Chess Federation at Queen Elizabeth Stadium does not attract a lot of players but, on the other hand, it can thus be held as a round robin in which all players play against one another. That is always interesting.

We cannot say anything yet about the ranking as the ranking does not reflect that the better players already played each other and we have to wait until more rounds are played to draw some further conclusions.

In any case, Caissa’s David (4th place) is doing fine as does Caissa’s 75 year old visiting guest player Miguel Angel (9th), grandfather of Caissa’s 8 year old Miguel Angel!

Next round, leader Tsz Sang will meet David and Michael and other noteworthy games in coming round 5 and 6 could be Raphael against Luen-Wah and Hysan against Michael.


Rank after 4 Rounds

Rank after 4 Rounds